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Accent™ radiofrequency(RF) treatment delivers a carefully controlled dose of radiofrequency energy through a small RF hand piece. This treatment can help resolve cellulite by tightening the deeper skin tissue and prompting the skin to make new collagen. This treatment also helps the body flush excess fatty deposits naturally through the lymphatic system. Brickell Cosmetic Center in Miami, is happy to help patients treat cellulite with noninvasive Accent treatment. Contact the practice to schedule your appointment.

Accent Radiofrequency (RF) Q & A

What is Accent radiofrequency treatment?

Accent RF treatment is a radiofrequency treatment system that offers two unique types of treatments. The bipolar handpiece is used in skin tightening treatments and the unipolar handpiece is used mainly for fat reduction and cellulite elimination.

How does Accent radiofrequency treatment work for the face?

Accent RF treatment for the face delivers heat to a specific penetration depth for the purpose of facial tightening. This treatment uses a higher RF of 40MHz, which allows for virtually pain-free skin tightening.

When the RF energy tightens the skin, the collagen tissue below contracts. This causes the body to start making new collagen, which helps replace lost volume and smooth out depressions in the skin. Accent RF treatment also increases blood circulation in the treatment area to bring a more youthful appearance to your skin.

How does Accent RF treatment for fat deposits and cellulite work?

Accent RF treatment for fat deposits and cellulite allows your Brickell Cosmetic Center aesthetic provider to deliver a controlled dose of RF energy into the deeper layers of fatty tissue.

The Accent RF treatment for cellulite and fat deposits works in three ways:

  • Tightens the deeper layers of fatty tissue to force collagen contraction and start new collagen growth
  • Increases blood circulation to the treatment area to help the body process and drain away fatty deposits through the lymphatic system
  • Treats fat cells through heat induced cellular death

How many Accent RF treatments are needed for facial tightening or cellulite treatment?

For most patients, a series of six treatments will yield optimal results. 

How long do the results of Accent RF treatment last?

The results of Accent RF treatment last for anywhere from six months up to two years in most patients. To get the optimal results from Accent RF treatment, it's important to take good care of your skin using quality products like the Obagi skin care line. (buy instantly online from Brickell Cosmetic Center.) To maintain the best results of fat reduction treatments, it's important that you maintain a healthy weight and eat a well rounded healthy diet.


*Individual results may vary.

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